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In our business, it’s often said “Less is more.” That is, it’s better to keep your message simple and memorable than try to cram so many messages into content that it leaves the reader with no simple takeaway.

But what do you do when a business’s value propositions are inherently complex?

Sunverge uses very smart software to manage electricity that’s stored in batteries which are tied to solar panels that are distributed throughout the grid. It accomplishes many goals for many audiences. It’s a huge challenge to communicate all that highly technical information in a succinct manner. But the right mix of infographics and copy make telling the story simpler and easier on the eye.

This was our approach to Sunverge’s website design. We also made the website “responsive,” meaning that its content would dynamically adjust to fit whatever device it’s being viewed on, whether it’s a desktop monitor, a phone, or a tablet.

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