Sacramento Brandathon Motion Graphics

Inspired by the successful “World class Philadelphia” brand campaign, several Sacramento business leaders joined together to launch the SacRegion Brandathon – a grassroots effort to brainstorm, define and amplify our region’s character and spirit.

First, in November 2013, 300 people came together to generate ideas for a theme, key message and slogan that best described our region’s assets. Wallrich volunteered to come up with a visual solution to complement one of the slogan finalists: “Sacramento in Season.”

The design we landed on was intended to be modular, with the “o” in “Sacramento” to become a placeholder for an array of various themed round icons. To add life to the concept, we developed clean motion graphics to deliver the message.

Having settled on a design, we presented our solution to the judges with a motion graphics video that showed not only the flexibility of the design, but also some of the thought process that went into making it.

Brandathon Video on Facebook