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Churchwell White Website Development

Churchwell White challenged Wallrich to develop a clean, modern website. We responded with an eye-catching “coffee table book” website design that highlights the firm’s clients and adjusts to the device (desktop, tablet or phone) on which it’s being viewed. Headlines writ large across a textured full-screen image link to scrolling case studies that alternate between copy and photography for a unique storytelling experience.

The website is rendered in a dashboard-like environment, providing the sense that content is being delivered to the user, rather than having the user move to where the content is. As the user scrolls and clicks, key context-sensitive navigational elements retreat ever so slightly to showcase content, yet remain on the screen in case they’re needed.

Historically, pages with lots of content meant scrolling up and down. Those norms are being challenged here. The viewer at finds opportunities for vertical and horizontal scrolling, assisted by big, helpful arrows that lead the eye.

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