Become Fluent in Five Romance Languages Today

February 14, 2017

By Lila Wallrich

Happy Valentine’s Day, Sacramento.

It’s a wonderful occasion for baring your heart to the one you love. And yet it can also feel intimidating. Sometimes we find ourselves unsure how to translate those feelings into words and actions.

Don’t worry. You have options. Everyone has different ways they like to express those feelings—and different ways to receive them. It can be liberating to be reminded there’s no single right way to do it.

Here are five “romance languages,” popularized by The Five Love Languages author Gary Chapman,  that can be used to say those three little words—and tips on how to turn them into a gesture your special someone will appreciate.

Physical Touch

Communication style: This person loves to initiate and receive physical affection.

Gift idea: Give them a massage with scented oil, or take them out for the professional treatment. And of course, it’s easy to just go for a walk holding hands.

Where to shop: Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, Sacramento Massage Studio.

Words of Affirmation

Communication style: This person affirms others with words of praise and appreciation, and needs to hear them in return.

Gift idea: Write a handwritten letter telling them how much they mean to you, or recount the story of how you met.

Where to shop: University Art, Papyrus.

Quality Time

Communication style: When you spend time with this person, put your phone away and show them you’re really listening and present.

Gift idea: Take them to a memorable event where you can share and talk about the experience together.

Where to go: Art Street, Sacramento Ballet, Crocker Museum, the zoo, a concert or even a ball game.

Acts of Service

Communication style: Unexpectedly cleaning the house or delivering coffee in bed will really knock this person’s socks off.

Gift idea: Cook them their favorite meal, then wash all the dishes.

Where to shop: Corti Bros, Taylor’s Market.

Receiving Gifts

Communication style: Giving a thoughtful gift to this person, regardless of its expense, shows them you care.

Gift idea: Set up a scavenger hunt that eventually leads to a unique present.

Where to shop: Antique Row at 57th Street, Little Relics, Scout Living, Avid Reader.


Good luck, lovers everywhere!

Become Fluent in Five Romance Languages Today

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