Words with Style

October 1, 2013

By Lila Wallrich

If you’re reading this (which you most definitely are) you probably also write. But when you need to produce words that sing like a choir of angels who used to be opera singers, you hire a pro. Then you realize it’s not easy to articulate exactly what you want. (If it were, you’d have written it in the first place.)

To make input and feedback easier for our clients, we’ve created a mood board with labels for various aspects of the stylistic spectrum. Suppose the writer hands you a draft that says,

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

If it just doesn’t seem quite right to you, here are some “copywriter” terms you could use to nudge the next draft toward perfection.

More Concise: The fox jumps over the dog.

More Descriptive: The fleet mahogany kit soars over the black spaniel lying motionless in the warm Montana sun.

More Tech Savvy: The 3.7 GHz brown fox 5.0 consistently outperforms the lazy dog, exceeding tolerance values by over 200%.

More User-friendly: The brown fox jumps over the lazy dog so you don’t have to.

More Promotional: The remarkably nimble brown fox is a born jumper, leaping over every lazy dog it encounters, from the laziest Lhasa to the liveliest Labradoodle.

More Matter of Fact: Four out of five brown foxes jump over lazy dogs.

More Light-hearted: The cow jumped over the moon, and the quick brown fox was all like, “Oh yeah? Watch this.”

More Serious: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Always.

More Feminine: Relax and enjoy the soothing peace of mind knowing your fox jumps over a lazy dog.

More Masculine: The powerful and responsive brown fox jumps over the lazy dog—every time.

More Industry-targeted: The quick brown fox delivers disruptive innovation in the highly competitive “jumping over lazy dogs” market.

More Universal: Everyone knows quick brown foxes jump over lazy dogs.

More Intellectual: The swift amber vulpine enters a parabolic orbit, superseding and traversing the lackadaisical canine.

More Accessible: The quick brown fox jumps… over the lazy dog!!

Words with Style

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