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Welcome to Our New Things

March 9, 2014

By Wallrich

Hello. If you’ve been to this little domain before, you might have noticed we have changed it up a bit. More like we blew it up. Ka-pow! Blammo! From the understated white space of yesteryear to a kaleidoscopic grid of just about everything we’ve ever done.

We’ve heard that some other agencies prefer to outsource the building of their own site. And in retrospect, we can see the benefits in that. After a long day of working on clients’ websites (and all the other things), starting in on your own site is a short road to Crazytown. Actually most of us have relatives there anyway, but I digress.

It was a long time coming, and we’ve included some nifty bells and whistles. Check this out. If you’re at a desktop or laptop, grab a corner of your browser and shrink the window to a narrow column. See how all the content flexes to accommodate the new size? That’s called responsive web design. We’re not the first ones on the block to use it, but it comes in awfully handy by adapting what you see to whatever device you’re viewing it on.

It used to be that the web was constrained to low-definition images. Now that viewing devices come in a wide array from super sharp Retina displays to small pixelated mobile phones, we’ve built our site to be future-ready. All its imagery (and believe us, there’s a lot) is stored at Quad HD that will look great on big screens and even color printers but also adjust its output for lower resolution devices so it doesn’t make mobile users wait for big downloads.

Also, notice how when you begin to scroll down a page with lots of content, the top menu disappears? It’s just a neat little way to create a more immersive user experience. Scrolling back up (or clicking the floating “back to top” arrow that appears in the right hand margin) makes the menu reappear.

We also implemented a tagging system. See the little “Industry” tag at the top right of the screen? Clicking it aggregates all other posts we’ve blogged about industry topics. You can also check out our posts from an Insider perspective or about Ephemera. This tagging scheme is actually way more interesting when you get to the Work section, where you can click around to group whatever you want to see by Discipline (such as Branding), Tactic (such as Interactive Application), Industry (such as Healthcare) or Client (such as Radoslovich | Krogh).

We could bore you about the fancy under-the-hood customizations we did for the content management system, but suffice to say, we’ve tricked it out.

Well, if you’re still reading this introduction to our site, go on and explore. That’s what we built it for. And thank you for your interest.

Welcome to Our New Things

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