Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

November 5, 2010

By Lila Wallrich

When I was a kid, watching TV during dinner wasn’t usually allowed. Jeopardy! was an exception. Coming up with an answer (or rather, a question) my dad didn’t know was as pleasing as it was rare. Dad always kept Trivial Pursuit cards in a zip-lock baggie in the glove compartment so that we could entertain ourselves with Q & A on long trips. My wife thinks this is hilarious and gently teases me about it from time to time. I don’t mind. I’m an unrepentant trivia geek. The world is a fascinating place and I love learning things about it.

Here at Wallrich Landi, we have a geeky tradition of our own. Two or three times a week, if there’s a lull in afternoon activity, Joe prints out quizzes he finds online, moves to the center of the floor and makes his announcement. “Super Quiz!” My fellow geeks come out and gather round, and for the next ten minutes or so, Joe grills us on various subjects. Let me tell you, I work with some pretty sharp cookies. Each has his or her own strength. Nancy is awfully good at 20th century arts. Lila kills it in the literature department. Steve, our resident Brit, has a clear advantage on European history. My dad taught science for 40 years, so you can guess my strong suit.

Knowing the capital of Ethiopia* may not advance one’s career, but the immodest frisson of nailing the answer is undeniable. I don’t remember how the Super Quiz tradition got started here, but have to say it’s one of my favorite perks of the job.

*Addis Ababa

Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me

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