Do It Again!

December 13, 2010

By Lila Wallrich

Back in the tech boom of the 90s, I taught computer classes—lots of them—including the program everyone loves to hate, Microsoft Word. I learned a lot of tips & tricks along the way. Allow me to share one with you.

You know the F1 – F12 keys on your keyboard? They actually do things. I like F4, myself. It’s basically a “do it again” key for repetitive tasks. Suppose you’re editing a document with headings in ALL CAPS. You decide that’s a little loud and want to dial them back to Title Case. So you select the first heading, then go to work. You open the Format menu, click “Change Case,” select “Title Case,” then click OK. Exhausting! Don’t go through all that clicking again. Just select the next heading and press the F4 key. Booya! Instant transformation. Repeat as needed. The F4 key is handy for repetitive pasting, formatting or inserting rows in a table. It also works in Excel. Try it, you’ll like it. Alas, it only works on PCs. Sorry, Mac guy.

If any readers find this useful, let me know. There are lots of other nifty tricks where that came from.

Do It Again!

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