Bowling for Dollars

February 9, 2011

By Wallrich

You know those fundraisers where annoyingly healthy do-gooder athletes ask sponsors to pledge cash for every mile they run, bike and swim uphill? This is not one of them. Lucky for the kids at Sacramento’s Big Brothers Big Sisters, Wallrich Landi’s pucker-inducing bowling scores will have no effect on the amount of money raised at the 2011 Bowl for Kids’ Sake event. I’d hate to think my nine open frames might be the one thing standing between a child and a brighter future. Still, we’re not keen on utter humiliation either. Pictured above is our recent practice game, which provided valuable opportunities for taunting, nicknaming and book making.

All kidding aside, we’re excited about this event. Do I really need to tell you what a huge difference Big Brothers and Big Sisters can make? The kids they mentor become way less likely to skip school, resort to violence or succumb to drugs and alcohol. They’re way more likely to get an education and take charge of their lives. A better future for them is a better future for everyone. That’s what we in the business world call a “win-win.” But Big Brother Big Sisters, like all nonprofits nowadays, needs help—hence this fundraising event. (See where this is going?)

So, would you mind kicking in $10 or $20 bucks? Our prospects at winning the tournament, which takes place February 26, are about as likely as clearing a 7-10 split, but that’s not really the point. Just click this here link to offer your support and feel all warm inside.

(To place side bets on Most Gutterballs, Biggest Blister and Most Impractical Outfit, please visit the second floor of Wallrich Landi, where our volunteers are ready to assist you.)

Bowling for Dollars

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