The Color of Life, the Universe and Everything

August 29, 2017

By Lila Wallrich

While enjoying media coverage (for a refreshing change) about the solar eclipse, I came across this interesting gem. Cosmic Latte is a name assigned to the average color of all light in the universe, coined by a team of astronomers from Johns Hopkins University.

It’s this: . RBG (255, 248, 231) to be precise.

The scientists informally voted on the Cosmic Latte name. Other choices they came up with included:

  • Cappuccino Cosmico
  • Big Bang Blush
  • Astronomer Almond
  • Skyvory
  • Univeige
  • Cosmic Khaki
  • Primordial Clam Chowder

Cosmic Latte is a perfectly good choice. But even though it’s a done deal, we wanted to take a crack at this tasty challenge, so we generated a few options of our own. Here are, in our collective humble opinion, our Top Ten:

  1. Supernovanilla
  2. Crème de la Cosmos
  3. Off-white Dwarf
  4. Space Nog
  5. Moon Bisque
  6. Astrobuff
  7. Planetary Pearl
  8. Space Tan
  9. Cosmic Blonde
  10. Sun Cream

And it’s always fun to show the also-ran options, so here they all are. Enjoy!

  • Sepianova
  • Beige Hole
  • Fawnstellation
  • Space Buff
  • Planetary Papaya
  • The Mocha Way
  • Celestial Chiffon
  • Planetary Pine
  • Taupe Nebula
  • Orbital Oatmeal
  • Moon Mocha
  • Space Ghost
  • Comet Ecru
  • Stellar Eggshell
  • Champagne Supernova
  • Vanilla Void
  • Planetary Parchment
  • Vanilla Sky
  • Moon Cheese
  • Fusion Fawn
  • Meteor Wheat
  • Beige Matter
  • Peach Cluster

The Color of Life, the Universe and Everything

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