CDSA Brand Program

California Disability Services Association (CDSA) is a statewide association providing the largest and most diverse voice for organizations that support and empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In their mission to connect and advocate for disability service providers, CDSA sought an updated brand identity to convey the organization’s purpose and power, launching the process with a deep dive into the organization’s brand, message, and operational strategy. Once developed, Wallrich carried the baton to the next step: creating the brand’s standards and program.

Anchored by a new tagline “Aligned to Empower” we crafted to connect CDSA’s message to the updated visual identity, CDSA’s brand program includes a strategic suite of internally and externally facing communication tactics. To maintain logical consistency between these applications, we developed a practical set of brand guidelines addressing visual and technical variables of type, color, spatial relationships, and digital formals.