CDSA Brand Identity

California Disability Services Association (CDSA) is a statewide association providing the largest and most diverse voice for organizations that support and empower people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In their mission to connect and advocate for disability service providers, CDSA sought an updated brand identity to convey the organization’s purpose and power, launching the process with a deep dive into the organization’s brand, message, and operational strategy.

To create a visual identity that distills CDSA’s values into a sleek, contemporary, and memorable mark, Wallrich designed a folded, ribbon-like shape that resolves into a forward-facing arrow. Symbolizing the connection of service providers to effect support and influence, the form brings multiple parts into a dynamically unified whole.

Our design process employed both digital drafting tools and kinetic manipulation – bending and folding paper to explore forms. As is typical for our design approach, it also included extensive hand-sketching to achieve its ultimate refined solution.

The approved mark also informed type choices, in which we altered selected letterforms to complement the graphic. Resolving into lockups and color palettes for both CSDA and its affiliated education arm, progress continued toward a comprehensive brand program.