Charleen Jones

Title: Operations Director
Hometown: Sacramento, CA
Education: The School of LIFE mixed with a little California State University, Sacramento
First Job: Seasonal retail at Sears-Roebuck
Studio Function: Oversee daily production progress, track status of tasks to optimize labor utilization, and avoid missing deadlines
Inspiration: My family, music and laughter
Interests: Cultures and traditions, supporting local businesses and giving back to the community
Pet Peeves: The phrase “I don’t know” because most of the time they do know

“I was taught that advertising wasn’t just about selling products and services. It informs, persuades, competes and entertains. The “big idea” behind a campaign must hit the consumer in a matter of seconds. It’s hard work and a lot of fun! I help my team by being extremely organized and motivated while keeping the “big idea” in mind. It’s exhilarating to create a campaign and see people enjoy and remember it.”